Auburn Rhema & Christmas Tree Touchdown 2013 SNAG-0001Getting Ready For the Game!

Rhema was all smiles and sat in her high chair near momma the entire game!  She played with Christmas ornaments and we talked about the game……and then THIS happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auburn 2013 Final Score SNAG-0000 At which Rhema was whisked out of her high chair and danced with momma the WAR EAGLE victory dance whilst momma was standing on the sofa jumping up and down!

Sorry, I’ve destroyed any video of this impromptu dance as we looked ridiculous, but it was worth possibly breaking the couch for such an AWESOME victory!!!!

Auburn Rhema Touchdown 2013 SNAG-0002Rhema’s signature victory move!!!!  Hooray, Auburn won!

During the game Rhema’s animal cookies were mainly elephants and we told her she was a good tiger to eat all of the elephants at which she would “growl” her Auburn Tiger growl!!!!

Oh, yes, we train up a child in the “Auburn” way they should go, early so when they are old they will not depart from it!!!!  (Somewhere Jesus is giggling at me and shaking His head probably!)  Oh, well, He knows me because He made me— orange and blue thru and thru!  LOL!

WAR EAGLE, YA’LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  During 2010, when Rhema came out of the NICU she and momma cheered our Tigers on to victory with Cam Newton!  What a cool blessing it is, three years later, for her to get to see another incredible Auburn victory over the Tide!  Wow!  I am one blessed momma to have such wonderful memories with my precious girl!  And MANY more to come……