Christmas Morning With Family1 Dec 2013 SNAG-0004Rhema + Two Generations of Family Nearby= Priceless Christmas Memories

Rhema had a wonderful Christmas Day!  Yes, she did wake up with a horrible cough and was occasionally fussy, but overall she did really well!  She did participate in opening presents and by the last one, she almost opened it all by herself!  She did not cry, not even once, and handled all the auditory, sensory overload like a pro!  Rhema even wore her Christmas necklace the whole day that momma had made for her!  She looked like a little Christmas Princess …..

Christmas Morning Close Up Rhema with Present Dec 2013 SNAG-0002We showed her that each present had a tag with names on it and we explained that one name is who the present is from and the other name is who the present is to.  Rhema thought all of this was interesting and liked to see each tag.

Christmas Morning Rhema Present Dec 2013 SNAG-0003This present was from Daddy and Momma….. It is a remote controlled Lalaloopsy Car!

I was thinking the other day about children who have mobility challenges and how remote controlled cars, trucks, etc… might be a good toy item.  Rhema is probably too small to operate it on her own, but I think it will be fun to show her the controls and see if she can play a little.  Either way, momma and Rhema playing together will have a blast with this toy!

Rhema Christmas Morning Loopy Car Dec 2013 SNAG-0001