Rhema had a blast riding in the parade!

Rhema’s Hippo-Therapy group asked if she would like to ride in their wagon that advertised their program for Special Need’s Kids.  I was really excited about the opportunity for Rhema but was not sure how she would do with all the noise.  Once again, my Rhema surprised me; she only hid her face one time and the rest of the time she just look at all the folks lining the parade route.  To get her to look around more I told her to look for “Auburn Friends” i.e. people wearing shirts, jackets or hats with our beloved Auburn logo.   This worked like a charm and she did look more intently at the folks, but after a while she decided to  only wave at the huge Clydesdale horse pulling the wagon behind us.  Ha ha ha!  Once she spotted that horse she was smitten and would wave, say “good to see you” and blow kisses at the horse and forgot about the other people.  It was hilarious!  Everyone thought this was so cute and even though she did not really understand proper parade riding technique i.e. waving at the PEOPLE not the HORSES, we all had a grand time!  It was truly a fun, wonderful experience and we were honored to be a part of it and especially happy to support such a wonderful program that helps many, many children who have special needs!!