Step 1, 2..1,2..1,2….

Rhema seemed very happy to see her buddies at PT and her PT Dance class.  She did VERY well using her walker and was quite enthusiastic while chasing me as I rolled on a stool in front of her carrying her Elmo.  Every week she seems to be stronger and stronger and is really getting the concept of walking and rolling along.  Rhema’s twister cables broke while she was trucking along and Momma had to learn how to reinsert this one TINY screw and reattach the cable and connector with an Alan wrench.  I’ve become quite a “handy-momma” these days and have learned to repair AFOs and now twister cables.  Who knew I was so “handy?” LOL!

Rhema was most excited to be in her dance class; she really enjoys her dance teacher and all the songs.  We are SO VERY EXCITED as this Saturday is her first ever dance recital!  There will be pictures and video galore which we will get posted as soon as possible so you can all see how pretty she is in her outfits.  I’m going to cry– I know it; even and I am typing this I am tearing up.  The very fact that my precious girl is in a Dance Class just melts my heart!   I think back to our time in the NICU when the prognosis was she would not be able to move her legs much less walk, even more less likely to dance!  WOW!  Rhema is a MIRACLE!  We fully believe God’s hand WAS & IS on her to do amazing things.  So, tonight, this happy Momma, is busy fluffing a white tu-tu and the most precious sequin costume and making fluffy white and blue hair bows for Rhema and her classmates to wear in their DANCE recital!  So, stop what you are doing and do a Happy Dance of Praise with this thankful Momma!  Oh YES– MY GOD IS GOOD!