Happy Birthday Jesus Dress Dec 2014 SNAG-0000

Rhema’s “Happy Birthday Jesus Dress”!

Happy Birthday Jesus Dress BEST Dec 2014 SNAG-0001

Last year for the Sunday at Christmas Rhema was sick and never got to wear this beautiful smocked Nativity dress I got at a consignment shop.  I was so bummed and decided to keep it one more year, praying she could fit into it.  It was so lovely on her; she named it her “Happy Birthday Jesus Dress”, which I loved!

Here is our “Happy New Year” Princess!  Rhema stayed up for the New Year and we watched the Time Square Ball Drop and then stayed up for the Central Time midnight time change.  She played with her toys and visited with her Aunt and Uncle and sister Sanako who was ringing in the New Year with us.  We even got to Skype with Rhema’s two brothers and Aunt Christina too, while waiting for the New Year to arrive!

We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL year with our girl!

Happy New Year Rhema 2014-2015 SNAG-0000