ipad Rhema Feb 2014 SNAG-0000Tap, tap, …”momma, here, fix it!”

Okay, so Rhema has made friends with the Ipad her Papa gave her.  We loaded it several, several months ago with programs that were recommended by Rhema’s former pre-school teacher.  We introduced it to Rhema way back then, and Rhema freaked out and threw it off her table.  So, we’ve tucked it away for a while now, but decided to get it out and let her try again.  Once again, I think we’ve created a monster.  LOL!  She is a tapping, dragging and swiping fool!  Most of the programs she is okay with; there is still a little hesitancy with some of the noises and sudden movements of the characters.  She loves taping on EVERYTHING and we’ve even had to stop her from sending a cryptic message to customer service because she hyper-clicked and began typing letters.  LOL!  Once we picked it up after she was tapping on it for about 10 minutes and the screen said “are you sure you want to cancel this $49.00 order”!!!  We were like, “YES!  WE WANT TO CANCEL THAT ORDER!!!”  We have no idea how she tapped her way onto that ordering screen!  I’m blaming it on her dad’s genes; he is Mr. Technology!  LOL!

Anyway, we are very happy to see her progress past some of her fears and try new things.  It’s been great to help her learn to isolate her index finger and continue to work on fine motor skills and problem solving.  She does best when I sit with her and work the programs with her, so momma has logged many, many hours on the Ipad  with Rhema lately.  We are working on matching, letters and putting “like items” together.  She is a hoot to watch giggling at all the funny noises it makes and she loves the “fireworks”  and the “letter school” programs the best.  We hope to find more educational programs for her now that she is not scared of it any more.  Suggestions, anyone?