Okay, so I realized that the previous post of her “feet” picture might not hold you guys until tmw, so here is a picture of Rhema eating her favorite “chips and green”. Lol! This girl LOVES her chips and green, aka guacamole and chips. She finished that whole plate and then about another half of a plate! Avocado is one of those “super foods” so I let her eat as much as she wants. This recipe and ours at home, is simple: Avocado, pinch of salt and some lime juice. Yum! Yes, she was one happy girl tonight; that was very fitting as today was International Happiness Day.

As that day has passed and it’s in the wee hours of a new day, I bid you farewell as I drift off into, hopefully, a good nights rest. Let’s all see if today we can stretch that “international day of happiness” into a two-fer and remain happy, happy, happy tomorrow. After all, “this is the day the Lord has made, I will choose to rejoice and be glad in it!!!” Amen? Amen!!!

Oh, and I want to be the first to wish Rhema’s Aunt Heather a VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes!!! It’s 12:39am and I’m the first one!!! Yea!!!

That is all….. Goodnight.