Rhema Army Helmet October 2013 SNAG-0000What a cute little warrior!

We’ve not posted much lately because we’ve all been hit with the stomach flu!  Rhema began it last week and then by Wednesday our whole house was hit and down.  We’ve all been thankfully able to avoid the hospital, but I hear that many folks have not been as lucky.  We are all still slowly gaining back our strength and eating small portions of regular food.

Rhema’s flu symptoms only lasted 24 hours and in the meanwhile we are still battling her constipation issues.  This week, she is still not resting well and her eating has gotten finicky.  It’s so hard to tell with her if this is a typical thing (like she is growing or being picky in her eating) or if it’s related to her medical condition.  We got a call from her pediatrician, her urine culture came back with a slight elevated e coli count, but it’s not high enough to treat due to the colonization issues.  So, we just remain vigilant in observing, trying new things and keeping up with her treatment regimen. I will be so happy when she gets back to sleeping more peacefully, eating more regularly and we get her bowel treatments working well for her.