Beautifully Done!

Another group that donated a wagon for The Rhema Miracle Outreach was an amazing support group called “In His Image.”  This spunky small group of women all have children with special needs and they come together monthly to support one another.  This wonderful group is open to all mothers no matter their child’s diagnois.  I became familiar with them shortly after moving and they have been EXTREMELY supportive and helpful along my journey with Rhema!  The “In His Image” group raised their own funds, purchases a wagon and then the children themselves decorated it!  Many, many, many thanks and kudos to the “In His Image” group for donating such a wonderful wagon!!!!

Most all of the twelve wagons that will be donated to Children’s Hospital have been decorated by children.  It is so amazing to see all the scripture written in children’s handwriting and all the cute drawings and phrases!  How very special it is for the children at the hospital to see happy pictures and words written in handwriting that they themselves can read and recognize!