Fishing for Fish with My Fork!

Rhema eats fish now!  Her daddy gave her some off his plate a few weeks ago and she loved it.  So while near the beach, after PT, she and I ate locally and I thought to get some fish to share with her.  What better place than a restaurant that brings fresh fish in daily.  She even got to practice using her fork.  And yes, that’s a friz-bee she’s eating out of.  The lady have her it and I did not have a plastic plate with me so I cleaned it and put her rice and fish in the friz-bee.  Hey, it worked and she loved it; she kept saying “orange… orange plate.”  Rhema is growing up so much lately!!!  She constantly amazes me with what she says, vocabulary she knows and she is learning to communicate her wants and needs much more — for that I am grateful!  What a blessing this child is to my life!!!!