Rhema 1st Cape March 2014 SNAG-0003A Picture for Rarah…..

Rhema’s Aunt Rarah got this for Rhema at Christmas and Rhema has shown interest in it, but refused to wear it.  Well, Rarah, it’s her favorite thing right now and I even have trouble getting if off to bathe her right now!  LOL!  She’s even asked for the mask!  This is a picture of the first day she wore it and she was showing us the lightening bolt on the back of it.  She is the cutest little super hero I’ve ever seen!

This week Rhema and momma have been attending a kid’s art camp together and the first day what did we make??? — Super Hero Capes—!!!!  Rhema picked out the colors that she wanted and we worked on shapes that she would like.    We put some glitter and sequins aka. “sparkles” on it per Rhema’s request.  LOL!  The glitter paint was too wet yesterday, but as we speak, she is sitting in her wagon, playing a game on her tablet and wearing her purple super hero cape!  The sight is almost TOO CUTE!!!  There are some days that I fear she will “cute-me-to-death” and today is one of those days!  LOL!  Craft Cape March 2014 SNAG-0000