Daddy's Glasses May 2014 SNAG-0009What do my eyes see…..?

Rhema was playing with daddy’s glasses and we snapped these cute pictures.  She was so funny watching her look at her movie with them on and then with them off!  You could see her thinking about how the magnification glasses affected what she saw on her screen.  Then she looked across the table and saw daddy and momma eating an ice cream cone….. yep, all done with the glasses now…. LOL!

Ice Cream Cone1 May 2014 SNAG-0008Yummy!

I looked back in Rhema’s pictures and the last time she tried an ice cream cone was in August of 2013!   She did not know what to do with it last time and did not like the cold feeling.  This go around, Rhema did try to lick it and eat it more than last time.  It dripped all over her so we added back her bib, but she still did not devour it like I thought she might.  Daddy had to help her get to the ice cream as it melted into the cone.  However, she did seem to enjoy it this time, so we were excited to see her progress!  I see another ice cream cone in her near future….. maybe from Chic Filet…..hmmmmmm…..sounds goooood!