Binoculars and casts2 Feb 2014 SNAG-0001Fun With Binoculars!

Rhema loves sitting in her Radio Flyer Wagon and playing!  It gives us and her a much needed break from her pink chair and we can roll her around for a change of scenery too!  Papa Gida’s living room is scattered and splattered with toys that we just rotate throughout the day for her to play with and between that and some movies we make it through the days.  Rhema is loving the binoculars and asks for them all the time.  It’s so cute to see her looking through them and we all make faces at her or wiggle our finger in front of the lenses.  She giggles so and then lifts them to her eyes to see what we will do next!

We are very excited that she’s made it the three weeks and we will be Children’s bound tomorrow for her surgery early Monday morning!  Momma has been on the phone insuring that all is set up for her and our precious friend, Mr. Bill will be the one fitting her in the operating room for her next set of braces.  We love our Mr. Bill and know he will get her all set up to go into her new “helper shoes” in 3-4 weeks!  The next 3-4 weeks we hope will not be as restricted and I’ve got a better handle on how to do things and get around with her.  I’m trusting that this next go round will do much better for both of us.