New Slide Nov 2013 SNAG-0006Her New Slide!

I’ve had this slide for a month or so; I got it at our Kid’s Market Consignment Event and just never got it inside and set up.  It was in pretty used condition, but I got it for a song, so I figured for her first “play ground” it was perfect.

New Slide2 Nov 2013 SNAG-0005

Since I’ve been so sick, Rhema and I am both a bit stir crazy and she needed some exercise.  So, with tissue and juice nearby I sat on the floor and watched the mayhem!  Rhema loved it!  She cannot quite climb up the stairs yet all by herself, so it required me helping her little legs and feet get up to the top.  But once she’s there, she will push off and slide down all by herself!  She climbs under the slide and peeks around and says “it’s a tunnel!”  I have no idea exactly where I’m going to up this thing, but I’ve got to some up with something creative and safe where she can “SLIDE!”