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Okay, so I know there is no cute picture of Rhema here, but this post is more for my fellow mommas who have children with special needs….

I pray that a new momma reads this and feels encouraged that she is not alone, and my notes here may even help her to be better prepared for this experience.

Okay, so I cathed Rhema for the first time tonight…. I did not panic, cry or give up…even though cathing in a home environment was completely different than doing it in the hospital and was much harder….  First of all, I am one blessed woman.  Rhema laid so still and did not cry or get aggravated with me even though it took me forever.  Yes, I am b.l.e.s.s.e.d.!

So here are the notes and items I must work out this week to make this smoother for her and I….

First I need to figure out how I am going to verbally explain this process to her.  Rhema kept saying, “look at that stick you have….. it’s a stick…”  So, I need to think through how to explain what is happening so she can process it.  I do not want to dumb it down and also do not want to make it too medical sounding either….. I’m praying for some guidance from the Lord on this one as He knows better than I how Rhema understands things and what would minister to her heart.  So join me in praying that I hear what she needs to hear and can explain it clearly.

The logistics that need to be addressed are:  lighting (in the hospital training they had that huge overhead doctor’s light–we do not have that at home!), finding some sterile wipes, ways to hold the specimen cup so it does not tip over (which it did), and lastly, where and in what to put the lubrication gel so it’s easily accessible and does not tip over and spill (which it did).  Yes there were fluids spilled everywhere, but in the end I did get 20cc ‘s in my specimen cup to document, so yea!  I’m praying that Rhema rests better as for the last 3 nights she has been uncomfortable and wakes up crying for momma.  I’m using an online form building program for all my data called www.emailmeform.com.  It is wonderful in that I can crate any fields I need and it will print reports monthly as I need it.  So, finding that has been a huge help in the documentation logistics of all this new stuff!

  We are home bound much of this week until I can get all this worked out in the ideal setting, which is our home, so that I can then move on to how to do all this in the back of my van when we are on the road.  I’m tackling this one step at a time.  The mere thought of trying to do this on the road right now makes me feel like I cannot breath.  But, I know this too I will figure out, by the grace of God; what He’s called me to, He has equips me for.  I keep reminding myself of that when I feel like I am drowning.

So, yeah, that is our update on our new adventure.  I do covet your prayers this week as we continue working on all this and also researching her medications and making decisions on those.  It is a lot to process through and this time of year makes it double hard.  I keep reminding myself that it’s Christmas, but somehow this year it seems less festive and more like an after-thought.  I’m trying to drum up some fun feelings, but I think all of this medical stuff has taken center stage and Christmas has been pushed to the back burner.  I’m watching Rhema on the monitor and she is tossing and turning already.  I feel this will be another night she ends up in bed with me, poor kid; I wish I could make all this go away for her and she would feel better.

We appreciate your prayers on all this and will give an update at the end of the week on our progress.