Rhema is doing good just chilling watching movies and playing with her buddies. She took a long nap but woke up 3xs crying with swelling. We talked to Neuro and Urologist and they have decided to start her on antibiotics for the bacteria in her bladder and a stool softner to help flush out any trapped stool in her colon. Tonight she is not eating as well as earlier in the day. However she is drinking pretty good so that’s a plus. We will get her some ice cream in a while and see if she will eat any of it. We will put her meds in it to get them down her. Please continue to pray that ALL of her swelling goes down. Also, please pray for peacefull rest for her and us tonight. We ALL need it. We will do one more post later tonight for a final update. Thank you for all your prayers, our sweet friends and family who pray.