Rhema used a new “saddle” at Hippo-therapy that had a “bar/handle” where she could put her hands!

Rhema did much better with being able to hold on and sat up straight and tall!

She was much more relaxed and even let go of the “handle” several times to explore the reigns of the horse.

After her session is over, Rhema loves to give the horse a “treat”!

The horse loves it too and got up to 3 treats today because she is so sweet!

Even though it was not as hot as usual, it is still very tiring for Rhema to ride….

so, when we are done, she re-hydrates with water and juice…

goes home to get a nutritious lunch….

takes a bath to get all cleaned up & gets her milk, then…

PASSES OUT!  Whew!  One tired little girl!  🙂