Hopefully This Is True!

Rhema and I were at an Asian restaurant recently and this was in Rhema’s cookie!  My first thought was “YES! Maybe Rhema’s wheelchair will come soon!”  LOL!   Alas, the life of a momma with a child who has special needs! LOL!  Seriously, we are STILL waiting for Rhema’s wheelchair!  I’ve had all the papers done and in since February!  I call weekly to see if there is any update and I’ve got the number for someone in the state office that I am calling this week.  My concern is she only has two months left to get versed in using it before her big surgery in September.  She really needs to be adept at using it by then.  Please join with me and pray, our folks that pray, that we will get her chair soon.  Thanks and blessings to you all!