We moved to Alabama when Rhema was a little over a year old. We quickly began assembling a whole new medical team for her, which took us four hours north of our home quite frequently. Our goal was to find a hotel that we could make our own to provide a stable environment for Rhema on our many trips. We’ve become quite fond of the folks at the hotel we’ve chosen and even stay in the same room every time to also provide needed stability for Rhema. So , it was a no brainer where we would stay for this surgery. Everyone of the hotel staff are very supportive and many of them even follow her blog. However today they have shown a level of kindness that surpassed our wildest dreams. When we arrived back at the hotel from the hospital there was a huge basket of goodies in our room. It contained coloring books, markers, stuffed animals, snacks, a puzzle and even some game book for us the parents!!!! We were so stunned and surprised at this amazing outpouring of kindness toward our family. We are so grateful for our friends and supporter who show such compassion to our Rhema!!! Truly there and angels who walk among us, folks, and ours happen I work at the BEST hotel in the world!!!!! May The Lord richly bless them all for their generosity and kindness!!!!!!!