It’s Elementary Dear Watson: No Gifts–Just Wagons!

The Rhema Miracle Outreach has been rolling along since fall of last year, so we were already getting the word out before Christmas 2012 about our Wagon Drive.  A Highland’s Elementary teacher heard of our plans and proposed to her fellow teachers that instead of doing gifts for one another for Christmas that they instead pool their funds toward purchasing a wagon.  This dear teacher talked with me before Christmas break and told me that they had indeed raised enough money to purchase TWO wagons for our Wagon Drive!!!  I was speechless!  Teachers, whom had never even met our family, met our precious Rhema, and who had never even set foot at Children’s hospital, donated their hard earned teacher’s dollars to help our effort!

The Rhema Miracle Team wants to give a standing ovation and a huge THANK YOU to the teacher’s at Highland’s Elementary for their support!  May the Lord bless each and everyone of you for your assistance with our Wagon Drive; you are an inspiration!!!