Andrew & Rhema Playing Big Momma's Piano March 2014 SNAG-0000Play Me A Song!

Rhema loved watching her cousin, Andrew, play on her great grandmother’s piano.  Rhema was not fortunate enough to meet my father’s mother, whom we called “Big Momma”, before she went to be with Jesus, but I’m sure Big Momma knew Rhema before she was sent down from Heaven to our family.  I love seeing Big Momma’s piano when we visit my brother’s home and it was especially nice to see Rhema and Andrew playing it together.  Rhema’s daddy even got some video of Rhema “playing” it; since this picture was taken, Rhema has shown more of an interest in her Daddy playing the piano for her.  Even today, I heard Rhema say, “play a song daddy”!  It shocked me to hear her say that phrase and so daddy did much piano playing for Rhema today!  LOL!  We plan on having her some piano lessons in the next few years and see if she has an aptitude for it, like her daddy does.  What a precious picture this is of two great grand-kids having fun; I’m sure Big Momma was smiling big in Heaven!