“Rhema you just finished two weeks of Aquatic therapy… what are you going to do now?…. “GOOOOO SWIMMING!”

Yes, we are truly a glutton for punishment!  LOL!  We left Rhema’s Aquatic Therapy and drove straight to Rhema’s Uncle’s home and had a family get-together at his pool!  Momma was exhausted and could have waited a month before swimming again and been fine, Rhema on the other hand was elated to see a pool when we arrived!  LOL!  So, yes, once more I donned my swim suit and we went swimming!  Rhema was a happy little fishy Princess and showed off all her new-found swimming chops to her family.

Rhema’s most fun was when her Cousin Andrew would take her for a “boat” ride on this pink float.  She would ask again and again for a “pink ride” on the float and he paddled her all over the pool.  And yes, she fell off three times just to keep momma on her toes! LOL!  Each time I pulled her up out of the water, she would cough, start laughing and ask to ride again.  My momma’s heart wanted to scold Andrew and/or not let her ride again, but I chided myself that, within reason, Rhema needs to be able to experience falls and all the things that other kids experience.  So, I would tell Andrew to be careful and I just followed behind the float, like the crocodile in Peter Pan, in case my little Princess fell off again.  Oh, this as hard for me, but she only rolled off three times and each time she was okay with it — so I was okay with it. LOL!