Rhema Monitor Pic sleeping during her UTI Aug 2014 SNAG-0011In Her Big Girl Bed

I’m so behind on my posts, but it’s been a rough few weeks.  It’s been about a week and a half now that Rhema has not slept through the night.  We were suspicious that her shunt was acting up again as when I would enter the room she would be pulling at her head.  I would ask her where did she hurt and she would point to her head.  Needless to say momma was on the phone to Rhema’s Neurosurgeon and having multiple discussions.  We all agreed that if Rhema’s sleeplessness and pain persisted another 48 hours that we should go to her local pediatrician to rule out ear infection and UTI.

I was concerned about another UTI as during her recent Aquatic Therapy time we had that day of “blow outs” and we know that there was a huge possibility that some “yucky stuff” got into areas that it should not.  Any time Rhema has a medication change (or is put on antibiotic) it affects her bowels one way or another.  However, since I cath her 4xs daily I knew her urine was not cloudy so I really was not sure if it would turn out to be a UTI or not.  So, after another 48 hours of sleeplessness (and missing church for the 3rd week) Rhema and momma went on to the docs.

Doc Appt Dothan UTI Aug 2014 SNAG-0006Such a Beauty!

Rhema is such a trooper through all this stuff.  She even took her Doc McStuffin’s toy Otoscope to the doctor’s office and gave the nurse, and the doc, her own check-up!  The folks just played along with her and let Rhema check them out.  LOL!

We got the results back today and unfortunately the urine culture blast count was over 100,000, which means she does have an UTI.  Poor kid!  No wonder why she is not resting well.  I really was so upset when she had that day of blow-outs because we felt she was over her last UTI; we were taking her urine in to get that confirmation once she finished her Aquatic Therapy Program.  That one day of issues really has set her back.

Currently, we are waiting until the culture is tested to see which antibiotic it will respond to and then we can get it filled.  That means another night of restless sleep for Rhema and momma.  Sigh.  I find it hard to sleep now-a-days as I’m just up waiting for her to cry so I can check her.  Both of us are ready for a solution and to get back to our normal sleeping routine.  Please pray that this course of antibiotics will solve this issue and no cause more problems with her bowels.  We appreciate ya’ll and will keep you updated on Rhema’s progress.