Movie Rio2 Rhema2 Popcorn Aug 2014 SNAG-0012Popcorn: Take-Two!

Even with Rhema not resting well at night, we were able to pull of the last movie of the summer– Rio 2!  Most mornings, due to her restlessness from her UTI, I cannot get Rhema to even stir, but she popped up on the movie morning in such a happy mood, momma drug herself out of the bed and we went to the movie.  This time we began with wearing ear plugs so Rhema did not really “hide” at all; she did cling to me occasionally, but she did not hide her head.  Rhema seemed to really enjoy the movie and even interacted with the movie!!  There was a part in the movie where a character was searching for someone and Rhema talked to the screen, “He’s not in there!”  I got such a chuckle from this to see her comprehension level!

She still did not get to eat any of her popcorn again during the movie, poor kid.  I hate it that her sensory issues many times overrides her ability to do things.  However, When we were leaving the theater I handed her the bag of popcorn and as we wheeled to the trash can I saw her take one piece out and pop it into her mouth!   Yay Rhema!  I know it’s just one piece and she did not technically eat it at the movie, but it was more than she did the last time!  I count that as a win!

Rhema has gotten quite interested in the games outside the theater and stores.  She will make a bee-line toward these blinking machines any chance she gets.  LOL!  “Watch me push the buttons momma” is what she yells at me while she crazily pushes any button she can find.

Movie Rio2 Rhema1 Games Aug 2014 SNAG-0000