1 Bottle of Powder found on the floor + 1 Two Year Old crawling on the floor = Rhema’s First Mess!


I was putting some clothes away and heard Rhema start saying “sand! sand! SAND!” and this is what I found….

I know it’s crazy, but as a mom with a special needs child who has never really has the opportunity to get into much due to her mobility issues, I found myself diving for my camera instead of diving for the bottle of powder being wasted on the floor.  I was very proud to see her doing an age appropriate “activity” as so many times she is delayed and not on age level.  She was thoroughly enjoying herself making “sand” on the floor and I enjoyed seeing her enjoyment.  Being thankful for the little, unexpected victories is just one of the lessons I have learned from my precious Rhema.

So, parents, if you have kids (typical or special needs) take a note from our journey with Rhema, be thankful for the little things and enjoy the ride…. you’d be surprised at what COULD bring you joy if you’d allow it.