Dothan Brace Shop Repair October 2013 SNAG-0000Rhema & Momma wore GREEN to Support National Cerebral Palsy Day!

Praise The Lord we were able to get a local brace shop to fix Rhema’s straps on her AFOs!

Many places will not touch a product for repair unless it’s THEIR product and the place spoke to had that same issue.  However, I was able to explain as to why we do not address her AFOs locally, but we were seeking to build a local resource/relationship with a business for small repairs, etc…  They finally agreed to help us and now Rhema has two new straps and Velcro on both brace!!!  Yea!  The Lord’s Provision is amazing!!! And I do not have to drive back up to Children’s area for another 8+ hours-round-trip drive for 4 simple straps!  Whaaa-hooo!  This is one happy momma!