Howdy Mr. Bill!

Rhema was all smiles as we began our long clinic day with getting her helper shoes adjusted.  Mr. Bill is always so wonderful with her and after showing him her boo-boos he thought that the problem was the growth her feet has experienced recently. Bill explained what he was going to do to help with this issue and we left her helper shoes with him for the day.  Everyone at Bill’s office is so wonderful to Rhema.  We only had an hour before our long clinic day, which was not enough time to go to eat anywhere, so the ladies in the office heated up Rhema’s food for her and we found a small deli to grab a sandwich.  We did not even have to go back to Bill’s office later that day, as they brought her newly adjusted helper shoes to clinic for us.

Now we wait and watch the helper shoes to see if the adjustments done work and do not cause any more wounds on her feet.  Please pray that this is the case as we DO NOT need any more wound care visits in our near future.