Dance Class1 March 2014 SNAG-0006Rhema & Her Dancing Friends….

When we were heading to bed the night before Dance class, Rhema said that she wanted to see Mrs. Lauren and dance like a ballerina.  She then got up on her knees in bed and put her hands up over head like a ballerina!  It was the cutest thing!!!  We had our PT session and Rhema rolled into the Dance Room and when we told her we had to leave to go get a quick lunch she began to cry and say, “No, I want to Dance!!!”  I had to get down on the floor with her and comfort her saying, “Yes, sweetie you can dance today… first we eat lunch, then you dance.”  Rhema was still not too sure about all that, but she did stop crying and we went to grab her a quick lunch.

Rhema was very happy to be back at dance class and to have all her friends there.  Rhema still does not voluntarily follow along yet, again any oral instruction she is slow to do or will not do, but she LOVES the music and being in class.  Her teacher moves her legs and arms mainly for her; Rhema just participates in her own way, I guess.  Either way, Rhema LOVES her dance class and she does get exercise and weight bearing practice too while they do the fun songs.

Rhema was put into the BIG stander for dance class.  It was so funny to see her with the huge wheels and watch her roll all over the place.  I think she rammed each and every person in the room at least once!  LOL!  Yep, we are still working on her rolling manners!  LOL!

Dance Class Stander March 2014 SNAG-0005