Rhema attended her first Civitan Meeting!

Rhema was so excited to participate in the Award Ceremony where the Founder of LifeSaver’s Ranch, Mrs. Penny, was awarded Rhema’s scholarship check for Hippo-therapy by the VP of the Civitans!  It was very exciting and we were honored for Rhema to be part of the ceremony.

Rhema and Mrs. Penny with Rhema’s Scholarship Check!

We had a wonderful time meeting all the members of the Civitans; everyone was so gracious and kind!

In the fall, many of the members will come out to the ranch to watch one of Rhema’s lessons.

We may even be able to meet Mr. Earl, the gentleman in who’s honor Rhema’s scholarship was awarded, when they come for a lesson.

Rhema looks very forward to showing off her riding skills to her new friends the Civitans!

May the Lord bless this wonderful group of folks who unselfishly give of their time, resources and finances to help members in our community!

And may a DOUBLE PORTION blessing rest on them for helping our precious Rhema!

Amen & Amen!