Where’s Rhema?

Rhema got in the ball pit for the very first time between her physical therapy and therapeutic dance class and LOVED IT!

At times I wondered even where she was as she would get buried so deep!

Just when I would think  she was stuck, an eruption of balls and giggles would burst upward and out she would emerge!

She had a blast and was so funny!  I got tons of video of her “splashing” in the balls!

Most of the pictures were blurry because she was moving around so much!

Pure Happiness!

This was my most favorite picture!

Oh, and she threw the most age-appropriate hissy-fit ever when I took her out of the balls!

Yes, I celebrated her protest because many times I can take a toy away or remove her from a place and I do not get any disagreement from her, so I gave this protest a perfect 10!

Of course then I corrected her, explained to her that we had to leave and got her calmed down, but inside, I was very happy to see this age-appropriate behavior.