Rhema Gift from Overseas September 2013 SNAG-0001

Beautiful Gift For Rhema From Indonesia!

We celebrate World Spina Bifida Day by broadening our horizons and think of the children all over the world who share our journey.  Rhema and I have recently met a wonderful momma of a spina bifida warrior all the way from Surabaya, Indonesia.

We’ve only talked a few times, but this momma and I share a common journey– Merlyn’s little girl is 8 months old, has L1/L2 Myelomeningocele and has Hydrocephalus with a VP Shunt.  Merlyn comments, “Now still concern for her both legs. Since cant move both legs n no sensation.”  She goes on to say, “I’m planning to go to CHOP for next treatment for the mobility. But may be not in this year…Anything u may suggest for me?”  As I read her comments, my heart echos her’s…  You see, I’ve been there… I am there… we do what we must to seek answers and help for our daughters.

I was so humbled to get her art piece that she made for Rhema and she also included stickers for our Outreach: Stickers for Smiles!  All the way from Indonesia!  I am humbled and speechless!  It’s amazing how the Lord can bring people together and I am honored to be her friend.  I look forward to many, many chats concerning our daughters; who knows, maybe we can even meet one day face-to-face.  That will be a wonderful day!