Ya’ll Deserve A Whole Weeks Worth of Celebration!!!

Rhema has had MANY MANY wonderful nurses during the course of her young life.   Only a handful of poor ones that were not allowed on her service once they were identified.  As a mother of a special needs child I must say that a nurse can impact so much how the situation goes for the child as much as how it goes for the mother.  Day in a day out pediatric nurses endure countless parents who are the most raw state possible– our child is stick and we cannot fix it.  We come to you, precious nurse, and many times you see us at our worst. We are usually exhausted from many hours of working the situation which brought us to you.  Compounded by the helpless feelings of not being able to help our child recover and in many cases not being able to stop them from hurting.  We are raw, sleep deprived and overwhelmingly concerned about our child.

You, precious nurse must not only help us to stay calm and painstakingly explain the issues chronologically, but you also must deal with our precious child who is not at his or her best either.  Plus, you must deal with your attending physician and all of  his/her needs, idiosyncrasy and, many times, their “god-complex”.  Yes, you our precious nurse may times are the glue that holds the whole thing together.  When watching those nurses whom have juggled all the above mentioned AND kept a cheery smile/disposition I’ve caught myself wishing I could give him/her a superhero cape.  Yes, YOU precious nurse… YOU are our superheros when you rise to the occasion and help “save the day” when our world (our child) is in danger.  We, as parents of special needs children, HAVE TO go to the ER, the doctor office, the hospital- – – YOU CHOOSE to be there, waiting for us in our time of need.  Every night I pray blessings over Rhema’s physicians, therapists and social workers; I am ashamed to admit that Rhema’s nurses have not been covered in prayer up to this point.  This “National Nurses Week” has brought some much needed reflection to my soul and I’m happy to report that from now until Jesus takes me Home, you will be daily in my prayers.  So, THANK YOU Rhema’s nurses for your patience, your assistance, your expertise and your smile!  May the Lord bless you beyond measure for your support of our precious Rhema!!!