Playdogh Hot Dog Sept 2014 SNAG-0002It’s A Blue Hot Dog In A Green Bun!  At least that is what Rhema said…yummy!

So, we could not let the day pass with out wishing you all a “Happy Play Doh Day!”  I bet you did not know this is the  National Play Doh Day, did you?  Well, I’m glad we could bring awareness!  LOL!

Any excuse to have fun we will take, right?!

Playdogh frog & butterfly Sept 2014 SNAG-0000More fun!

Playdogh Rainbow Sept 2014 SNAG-0001Decorating her Rainbow…..

Playdogh frog & hand Sept 2014 SNAG-0004Daddy’s Froggie!

Rhema’s daddy shocked me and made this cute little guy!  Who knew I’d married a play doh king?  We had the most fun with all this!  It might be a nightly therapy for us all!  LOL!