Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. My hubby will fuss at me for posting this, but I have to brag on him. He is such a wonderful father to Rhema and our two boys; I’m sooo proud of my hubby!

Rhema lights up when she sees her daddy enter the room and just about bounces off my lap. And our wonderful boys still sit and talk, talk, talk to their dad. What a joy I have to watch the sparkle in the eyes of my children. I’m thankful for that…..

From the heart of a mother I admonish all the dad’s out there– your kids NEED you to do and be only what a daddy can do and be. Mommys are great, but daddys have special giftings that we can never fully have. These giftings are uniquely designed by our loving Abba Father and placed inside of the heart of an earthly father. YOU get to mirror Father God’s heart on earth to your kids! How cool is that?! 🙂

So, to all dads, seasoned and brand new, be THAT gift to your kids. Your wives will be blessed by your gift and be proud, as I am, of their man.

Goooo Dads! You Rock!