We are so very excited that in just a few days, Rhema will get her casts off!!!!!!!  Also, we will be getting her new braces!

Rhema has been so amazing through this process, and it’s been a long process, filled with surprises. One surgery turned into two surgeries and two trips to the OR turned into three.  Through it all, she smiles…..

Her smile has gotten less “toothy” due to surgery and then just yesterday she lost another tooth on the bottom. She was so brave as the tooth was so very loose she let mamma pluck it out and did not even fuss. That bravery was rewarded with a healthy watermelon Popsicle we’d made up and frozen this past summer. Bless her heart we are back to really having to cut her food into small pieces just so she can eat!  Lol!

So the BIG DAY is Tuesday and we ask for prayers that day. The casts will be removed in the office. She’s has casts removals before, many many of them, but I doubt she remembers them much as she was so very little. Please join us in praying peace over her and pray for an understanding cast-removal person who has patience. Also keep up the prayers for her legs that they’ve healed well and that her skin has no pressure sores.

We’ve got some fun surprises for her after the casts come off. One of which is a new costume– that is her “love-language”.  Rhema loves dressing up!  Also we will go do some fun activity with her. So she’s got something to look forward to afterwards.

Thank you all for walking with us during this surgery season. We all have felt the prayers and have been so blessed by your encouragement.

Three days and counting;  whoot, whoot– bye bye casts!!!!!