Rhema got a new friend for her Happy Cast-Removal Eve!  She named her pink reindeer “Twinkle”!

Rhema also discover Legos and spent much of her time building little Lego guys!  We finally got her away from the store with a trip to ride the Christmas Train; after which she said “can I go back and build like 10 or 100 more little Lego guys?”  And Yes, yes we did go back and build many, many more guys. Lol!

We are excited about these casts finally being off tomorrow. I’m always apprehensive as to what we will find.  Nothing really ever prepares me to see my precious girl’s incisions. With multiple surgeries I know that there is multiple incisions but it is always very emotional for me. Please join us in praying that all is well and her bones have healed.

This is the right foot and we’ve been concerned that her foot has continued to shift up into the cast. (the black line is where her toes were 3 days ago).  Her surgeon says he thinks things are okay under there so we are trusting that is true. We appreciate your continued prayers. Thanks y’all!