We Celebrate Jesus!

We made this Birthday Cake for Jesus with Rhema during Christmas.

Rhema was SUCH a big helper!

Rhema especially loved all the colorful sprinkles– they were delicious!

Ta-da!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

Every year we plan to make a Birthday cake for Jesus with Rhema.  I’ve never done one before and I think some folks thought it was cheesy, but my prayer is that it helps Rhema really connect the dots for the true meaning of Christmas.  Yes, we go see a jolly guy in a red suit, yes, we watch all the Christmas movies, yes, we love to sing Jingle Bells, but in my heart I know those things are not why we take this time to reflect on the True Gift given so many years ago.  The real “Reason for the Season” is my Savior and Lord–Jesus.  Jesus, who’s very being is Love; he doesn’t just love, He IS love!  How amazing is that!  I cling to Him everyday for my peace and for my Rhema— every single day on this journey…..  There have been so many times this year I’ve felt Him near and then also many times I’ve wondered where He was…. I’m human….but as my precious Grandma Vicky would say, NEVERTHELESS, we do not depend on what we feel in our moments of despair and doubt, we cling to what we KNOW!  We KNOW: He is “one that sticks closer than a brother”, we know He promised “He will never leave nor forsake us”, and we KNOW that only through Him can we possess the “peace that passes understanding.” It was good for me, Momma, to reflect on these things as I made our cake and talked to Rhema about J-E-S-U-S (we practiced our letters.)

So, the making of this, our first Happy Birthday Jesus cake, was not just a flaky Christian thing to do, but it was a way to demonstrate to Rhema Who is really the Reason we celebrate.  My question for all those who follow Rhema’s journey is, “do you know HIM?”  2012 is soon coming to a close and we will embark on a new year; I challenge all of you reading our story, if you know Jesus, to blow some kisses toward to your Savior and wish Him a Happy Birthday and if you don’t know Him, I ask you to consider how wonderfully different this soon coming New Year could be if you did.  Some food for thought…..

Speaking of food, I hear Rhema stirring from her nap, I think some dinner needs to be served quickly so we can get to our yummy cake!