Decorating Eating Icing Dec 2013 SNAG-0001Icing Is Yummy!

Rhema and momma made this year’s “Happy Birthday Cake” with some help from Rhema’s grandma Sandy!  Thank you Sandy for your help!!! Grandma Sandy was so sweet to bake the cake, which left Rhema and momma to do the fun part — icing and decorations!  Rhema was soooo into this activity this year and talked so much about everything while we decorated.  We talked about who the cake was for, why we celebrate Jesus, how much He loves us, etc….  We decorate with hearts and talked about love and how much Rhema is loved by Jesus and her family and friends.  We worked on colors, shapes, and textures as we put on all the decorations.  We even got some OT in there and worked on her “Pincer” grasp and picked up little decorations and ate them!  It was a well-rounded, fun time!

Jesus Bday Cake Dec 2013 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000Happy Birthday Jesus!

Ta-da!  So, yes, it’s a very colorful cake, and we had a blast making it!!!

Icing Painting Dec 2013 SNAG-0002 Rhema loved “painting” with the icings!  Her little mouth and fingers were green when we finished, as she mixed the blue and yellow together; she looked like the color of the Grinch!  Ba-hahahahaha!  But, hey, she had fun we had a wonderful time talking about our Savior together!  Happy Birthday Jesus!