Rhema is still running a fever today and has thrown up once, but she is still eating pretty good and is playing.  We are continuing to keep up her meds and hydrating her as much as possible.  We even took another lukewarm shower to try to bring down the fever tonight because she felt pretty hot. 

On a lighter note, we put ear plugs in her ears and took her outside to see some fireworks.  She did not cry and seemed to like them until her ear plug fell out and the neighbors shot off some really loud firecrackers.  We took her in after that and we watched everything else from inside at a window.  she liked that much better. 

Please continue to keep her in your prayers so she can recover soon and get back to her normal activities.  Blessing to you all and we pray you all had a wonderful, safe 4th of July holiday!  May God bless this great nation that we are so privileged to be in!

Happy 4th of July!