July 4th in Robot Chair July 2014 SNAG-0008Waving The Flags!

Rhema and family had a lovely 4th of July Holiday!  We had family and church family over and did our first ever Low Country Boil!  Rhema’s daddy did the best job of timing all the ingredients and then I was in charge of sides and all the fixins!

July 4th Family with Rhema July 2014 SNAG-00073 Generations of Fun Family!

Rhema was surrounded, literally, by loving family the whole day!  She loves visiting with all the folks!

July 4th Family Outing July 2014 SNAG-0006A Fun Treat….

We took Rhema to get her first Hawaiian Shaved Ice!  She loved the three colors and the taste, but she kept making funny faces while eating it!  We think she is still adjusting to eating something cold, but hey, she is FINALLY eating cold stuff so, YEA RHEMA!

July 4th Family Outing 1st Shaved Ice July 2014 SNAG-0005