Rollin’ In My Egg Hunt Mobile!

Rhema attended a wonderful egg hunt out on our friend’s, the Bass family, immense  property.  We hunted in style while riding with Papa and would get Rhema out when we spotted an egg.  As you can image with all the other little kids most of the eggs were gone, as we were behind all the other kids, but some of the moms noticed this and took eggs out of their kid’s baskets and sprinkled them behind them for Rhema.  Rhema enjoyed talking about each color of the eggs and then enjoyed riding with Papa.  Momma, on the other hand, really struggled with the impact of Rhema’s mobility issues to do a simple egg hunt.  Its the simple things, like an egg hunt or living in the South and seeing all the little kids running bear-foot now that the weather is warmer, that really make me sad for my girl.  When I voice my sadness most folks begin with saying that I should not compare my child with others and/or I should be happy for what all Rhema can do/has accomplished, but all this good advice I already know and it doesn’t change the sadness I feel.  I don’t think it’s wrong to be sad at what has been robbed from my Rhema, but I do KNOW it’s wrong to sit and wallow in that sadness.  I choose not to remain in my sadness, but I do still feel it and must process it rather than fluff it off, push it down or ignore it.  Funny how an egg hunt can initiate such internal turmoil.  The one thing that did help me, as I processed all this, was to know that Rhema enjoyed herself and had fun.  She does not yet fully realize her differences and the challenges she currently has; this brings me some peace.  We work very hard daily and in every experience she has to give her a level playing field so that her current challenges do not get in the way of her having fun and experiencing things to the full.  I believe most days we accomplish this goal.

Speaking of “level playing field”, here is Rhema at our church’s Egg Hunt.  She crawled, yes crawled in that beautiful dress, all over the lawn at the church!  It was so funny, Rhema would pick up the egg, talk about the color and then toss it back on the grass!  We tried to encourage her to put it in the basket, but she would spot another egg nearby, toss the one in her hand and then would take off crawling to get it.  So, Momma and Daddy collected the eggs for her basket after she tossed them!  We all had lots of fun during this hunt because Rhema could easily get around herself and there were plenty of eggs for all the kids.