We’ve been suspecting that Rhema has had a growth spurt, and today she decided to put our suspicions to rest.  I was watching her play in her little room and saw her pull up to her knees on her mattresses.   She stayed there in a high-kneel position for a little bit playing with some toys and then, as I was watching, she lifted her knee up to the top mattress and began to climb up.  Now, I’d witnessed her try this so many times and she did not have the height, much less the strength to accomplish getting onto the bed without help.  However, much to my surprise, her little knee landed firmly on the top of the second mattress and she just pulled herself on top of her bed and turned around!  WOW!  I was so proud, I walked over to her doorway and began saying how amazing she was and that she got up on the bed all by herself.  She gave me this huge smile and then scooted to the edge of the bed and looked over the side.  It was like she was thinking, “Now, I’ve gotten up here how do I get down?”  🙂  But, she did!  It wasn’t graceful, but she got down.  So, it’s official, our girl HAS grown and she is doing amazing, new things everyday!