Post Surgery Sleep Mommas Bed Jan 2014 SNAG-0000Rhema’s Nest!

It takes a total of 10 pillows to “nest” Rhema in a night!  Her legs go up under 3 pillows, her head’s on 3 pillows and she has 2 pillows on her right and 2 pillows on her left.  And then she still migrates over to my pillows at night!  She is surrounded/contained in an attempt to keep her body still, so her elevated legs do not roll off during the night.  We’re on night three tonight of momma needed to rotate her on and off her back to keep her comfortable and the pressure off her spine.  Her spine is looking really good and we’ve not seen those nasty purple and red marks on it like we saw in the hospital, so that means we must be doing something right.  Yea!

Please keep us in prayer as next week we may try to transition her back to her bed and we need to figure out how to do that and if so, discern if it will be safe or not.  I cannot get my head wrapped around logistically how that would look like, since she cannot put any pressure on her legs for the next 4 weeks.  I just do not trust her to try to get down off her bed like she always does before.  Hmmmm, it is a puzzle.  We need clear guidance on what to do: just let her sleep with momma for the next 4 weeks or transition her safely to her bed with a good plan in place.  We covet your prayers with this dilemma and also, continue praying for her legs to remain with out infection.  Blessings to all our family and friends who pray!!!  We Are Blessed!