Rhema’s last brain surgery was last December 2011.  Here is her picture at Children’s Hospital 24 hours after her surgery.  The operation was a double procedure:  incision near rear ventricle and removal of the failing old shunt, closure and tacking of the tissue and skin around the old shunt site and also down her neck where all the swelling had stretched her skin, drilling another hole in Rhema’s skull in her front ventricle, insertion of a new shunt system and new incision on her abdomen for the new tubing.  This surgery was a lengthy surgery and tripled the risk of infection, but was very necessary to give her a chance of being stable for the first time in her life.  Her Neurosurgeon was and is AMAZING and should be cloned!!  We’ve dealt with 3 Neurosurgeons during our journey and THIS guy is not the typical surgeon- dry and unhelpful- like the others we’ve met.  We thank God for him and his PA; they are an amazing team and wonderful with our child as well as very personable with us, the parents.  We are very blessed to have them!

Rhema has been stable now, without surgery, for nine months!  She just passed her record, which was eight months, without a brain surgery!  We pray daily for supernatural longevity of the equipment in her head and abdomen until the day she is miraculously healed and doesn’t need them any more.  It is our war cry of faith that one day her life will not depend on these man-made machines; our prayer is Rhema will have a miraculous intervention by the Healing Hand of our Mighty God!  Join us dear friends and family who pray, and believe with us for that glorious day!!!

  Blessings to you All!