RHEMA-&-SANTA-COLOR-500X667There was very little lighting where Rhema sat with Santa so we’ve had to adjust the picture image to make it easier to see…..

At the end of this past week we took Rhema on a “sleigh” ride at our local botanical gardens.  When we first arrived she was very uncertain of all the lights and just held onto her wheelie’s wheels, not allowing us to propel her forward.  She was upset and scared for about 20 minutes while we were there waiting in line for the ride, but then she seemed to relax.

I do not push her when she is in this state, and know that only time helps her while she acclimates to a new situation.  Once she relaxed she had a blast!  We rode the “sleigh” ride which consisted of a tractor pulling a trailer with bails of hay in it for the passengers to sit on.  It was decorated in Christmas light and they played Christmas music as we rode.  The grounds of the gardens had sporadic decorations here and there (hoping next year there is more) and Rhema loved looking at all the trees and characters.  Her favorite was a small frog, which looks like Hopkins the frog from her Sign Language DVD series she loves.  She really enjoyed herself and toward the middle of our Christmas tour they stopped the sleigh in an area where there was coco, cookies, Santa and live music performances with a band.   Rhema loved the live music and listened intently to the flutes and the horns.  She even picked out a cookie and sat near the Santa and talked to him some.  This particular Santa knew the name “Rhema” and knew it was in the Bible!  How cool is that?!  We had a lovely time together and I was very proud of Rhema’s bravery!  We will go back next year for sure!