Rhema had a good night. She slept in her bed, without crying, for about four hours straight. Even when she woke up, she did not wake crying! Yea! She would not stay in the bed after that so she moved back into the chair with me and she slept more. Last night she got one dose of antibiotic and a stool softner. She will get another dose antibiotic this morning. The stool softner is doing it’s job and we’ve had huge diapers this morning. They’ve talked about flushing her colon, but I’m not sure it will be needed. She’s been uncomfortable due to gas pains, this morning so we are watching it and may see if they can give her something for gas pains. When the resident Neuro came in early this morning, her swelling was way down, but it went back up after he left. Either way, we are waiting to see her Neuro and see what his thoughts are on where she stands now. I’m still hopeful that all this crazy stuff could be the result of issues with her bladder and colon. We will do an update after we see the docs today. Thank you for all your prayers; please them going as we are still needing to her back to a stable place before we feel confident to go back home. Blessings to you, our dear friends and family who pray!