Rhema’s Hippo Therapy Lesson Was Great This Week!

After missing last week due to weather, Rhema was back in the saddle this week.  She did fabulous!  Many times she will cling to her therapist at the beginning while riding, but this week she just sat there very confidently.  So, taking her lead, her therapist introduced some new things:  riding sideways, new upper and lower extremity exercises and even riding backwards!  I, Momma, trail the horse every session for the hour Rhema rides, and I could not believe how well she took it all in stride!  Rhema’s eyes did get worried when she was moved into another position, but then she would start smiling as soon as the horse would start moving.

It helps a lot that her therapist is SO great with kids and knows many funny songs to sing and helps Rhema feel relaxed.  Plus the sweet lady who leads the horse plays “peek-a-boo” with Rhema when the horse stops to keep Rhema entertained.  This week one of Rhema’s regular helpers could not come and she asked her husband to come in her place.  He drove all hours of the night to make it back to our town so he could come the next day and be a stand-in for his sweet wife on Rhema’s team.  What a HUGE blessing and what an AMAZING man who would put forth the extra effort to help!  We are so BLESSED to have such a GREAT team working with Rhema!

PS. Here is Rhema riding backwards!  Her face was so funny for a while in that she could not figure out where the horse had gone? 😉