Nancy Wheeler 2014 SNAG-0000Our Friend, Mrs. Nancy!

Rhema got to see so many wonderful folks while visiting in Knoxville!  The only picture that I missed was a picture of Rhema and Nancy; so I’ve put a picture of her here for you to see her beautiful face!  Nancy is a precious woman of God who still prays for Rhema and keeps up with us even after our move.  Nancy is just one of those ladies that even with much distance and time apart, when we see her, it feels like home.  I’m honored to have her in Rhema’s life still and she is a wonderful encouragement to me.  We had a lovely lunch with her and she gave Rhema a wonderful book and some shopping money.  Rhema has wanted this super hero shirt for a while, so while on the way home we stopped to pick it up!  Rhema loves her shirt and we even got her some panda socks that she wanted at well!  Nancy, you are so precious and we wanted you to know what Rhema picked out herself with your gift.

Walmart Money From Nancy Oct SNAG-0009Shopping with Mrs. Nancy’s gift!

We also got to see one of our favorite NICU nurses, Mrs. Becky, and give her a thank you letter we wrote for her and all our NICU buddies!  Every year I planned on sending a thank you letter and a current picture of Rhema to her NICU, and every year I’ve missed it.  This year I am so happy to say that not only did we get to send the Thank You letters and a picture of Rhema, but we got to give Mrs. Becky a hug too!  It was wonderful to see her and give her the letters for the other nurses.  Mrs. Becky said that the NICU was really full right now and we’ve been praying ever since for the numbers to go down, babies to be healed and well enough to go home to their families.  Join us in a quick prayer for all the babies in the UT NICU right now, please.  We are forever grateful for these women who cared for our Rhema!

Knox Trip Becky NICU Oct 2014 SNAG-0000Mrs. Becky!

We also got to see our precious friend Ms. Joni, who was Rhema first Early Interventionist in Knoxville.  If you remember a few weeks ago we asked for prayer for Joni’s family when her 10 year old niece suddenly passed away and went to Jesus.  It was especailly meaningful to see Joni this year and give her hugs.  We’ve been on our knees for Joni and her precious family.  Joni was wonderful with Rhema as her EI and always an encouragment to me too!  We love us some Ms. Joni!

Joni & Rhema Oct 2014 SNAG-0015Ms. Joni!

We were double blessed to get to see our friends Mrs. Daronda & Joseph!  Daronda attended our church in Knoxville and Joseph was born a little after Rhema.  Joseph was the first child Rhema played with on the floor, crawling around.  Joseph knows sign language and I cannot wait for both of them to grow up and talk to each other in sign.  Rhema has an extensive vocabulary and I know it’s only a matter of time before she puts it all together and we can talk to one another.  Joseph will love having folks he can talk with too when we see him on our annual visits.

Daronda & joseph  & Rhema Oct 2014 SNAG-0014Daronda & Joseph!

If you notice, in each picture you will see our traveling Pumpkin companion wearing our “Carry A Bead” from the Beads of Courage.  We took our beads the whole trip with us and took several pictures with them.  Also, we got several post cards and items we will be sending back with our bead.  There are still several more events this month that we want to take our bead to, so you will be seeing a lot more pictures of our Pumpkin Bead guy in the next few weeks.