Rhema 1st Time eating with fork March 2014 SNAG-0001Such A Big Girl!

Rhema has decided that using utensils may not be such a bad thing.  Thus far, when we offer the spoon or fork, she throws or totally ignores them and digs-in with her little fingers to eat.  However, recently, she is shocking us all and is choosing to try to munch with her utensils.  Wow!  She ate this whole bowl of eggs with her little fork.  I ate with her and when she would successfully take a bite with the fork, we would give each other a “fork five”, which is giving a “high-five” with our forks.  LOL!  Rhema loved this little game of “fork five” and she kept right on trying to use her fork.  I had to help out many times, but for the most part she did it all by herself!  Yea Rhema!!!  We are proud of her progress!