Rhema participated in Operation Christmas Child for the first time!

We chose a little girl in Rhema’s age group and will track our box across the globe to see who the Lord has picked out for Rhema to reach and bless.  Our box had many items: 4 toothbrushes, 1 toothpaste, 4 washcloths, 1 body/shampoo wash, 5 combs, 20 small hair pony tail holders, 4 soft head bands, 2 books, 1 notebook, 1 box of crayons, sparkle stickers, 3 pairs of socks, 1 T shirt, 1 baseball hat (of Rhemas), beads & bracelet, 2 baby dolls, 1 soft tiger, 1 bear to cuddle, 1 car, 1 bouncy ball, 1 bubbles, 3 horses, 1 Pooh Bear, 1 flashlight with extra batteries, 2 large suckers and 10 small suckers and 2 zebra print bags.  We included a picture of Rhema, a note from Rhema and also some envelops and paper that could be sent back to Rhema if possible.  We also included a “Team Rhema” button with a picture of Rhema in it.  Yea!  It was so much fun to pack the box and think of the precious little girl who will receive it!  Rhema kept eyeing the box as I packed and wanted so bad to get into it; I thought, well if Rhema is excited about this then a little girl her age will love it too!

Praying for Rhema’s New Friend!

After we packed the box, 3 generations of women– my mom, myself and my Rhema– prayed a blessing for the little girl who would receive this box.  We prayed blessing over her and her family and asked God to reach to her and save her so one day we can meet her in Heaven.  We prayed protection over her, blessing over her, favor over her and for the Lord to provide for her.  As we prayed Rhema became more still and less fidgety and bowed her little head in prayer.  It was so precious to see her praying with us!

How precious it is to see my daughter learning to pray to her Heavenly Father!

As I drove the box to the drop off location I thought, “what if Rhema was never born?  If the doctors had known her diagnosis prior to her birth they would have recommended aborting her…..”  Now, we would never have terminated the life God gave us, but if she was given to another, that might have been her fate.  I’m very blessed to have been trusted with such a precious gift to the World — my Rhema.  Now, because of Rhema, a little girl somewhere in the world is going to have a tangible example of the love of Jesus through the wonderful ministry of Operation Christmas Child.  What a difference one LIFE can make!  And she’s only just begun!!! Praise the Lord!!!